About the Artist

"We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing."
- Author Unknown

I believe that! I feel blessed that I am able to play every day. My bears reflect the fact that I'm still a child at heart; inventing characters and making up stories about them.

Aleta and LilliAnne I have been designing and making teddy bears for many years now. I still have the very first bear I designed. I call her Poodles because, well, she looks more like a poodle than she does a bear! She is a humbling reminder of the beginnings of this chosen path.

Designing bears is limited only by one's imagination and, of course, the stock of mohair and wonderous treasures in their drawers and cupboards! It is from vintage textiles that I find inspiration; especially early 1900's children's clothing and accessories. It is my desire to preserve these precious pieces of the past whenever possible. Teddy bears are the perfect compliment to these increasingly rare treasures.

Currently my bears range from 4 - 29 inches tall. Each bear is one-of-a-kind. They are fully jointed and made of mohair with wool felt or ultrasuede paws, glass or shoebutton eyes, and each have a handstitched nose of perle cotton. Most of my bears are dressed in vintage garments, or clothing of my own design, made utilizing primarily vintage fabrics, antique buttons and odd bits of this and that. Airbrushing, hand painting, dyeing and distressing techniques are often used to bring out each bears' character. As such, my bears are meant solely for the adult collector to gently hug and hold.

Tick Tock
Willy Nilly
Be Silly!


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